I hope everyone is flourishing on this Mindful Monday!  I remain ever so grateful for the vision, the persistence, belief in myself and the goals set almost a decade ago that has kept me moving closer to my ultimate dream of owning my own business.

I know many of you have similar goals and dreams and for me this was certainly a journey like no other.  I wish I could take all the credit for where I am today but it wouldn't be true.  There were so many inspirational people along the way that I have never spoken to or have been introduced to but they made a difference in my pursuit. 

  ... as time evolves we do as well.  We started as a strictly crochet doll brand but we are expanding to the new!  At home more than ever now due to the current restrictions and evident signs that COVID-19 is still looming, I wanted a fresh, clean and crisp look and feel for my bathroom.  A really easy and fun way to begin started with a glass jar to hold my Q-tips and Cotton Balls ...